Sync your club’s system with the world’s best tools for sales & marketing.

Twist is the easiest way to integrate your existing club member data into Hubspot or Salesforce.

Retain Members & Drive Sales

Twist connects your club’s software to Hubspot or Salesforce. These tools help you manage your relationship with customers & potential customers, enabling your club to grow better.

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Know Your Customers Better

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system allows you to track website behavior, form submissions, & in-person interactions, to better understand your members and non-members.

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Nurture Relationships

Leverage the power of CRMs (Hubspot or Salesforce) to build stronger relationships with your existing customer base through marketing automation & sales processes.

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Eliminate Manual Entry

Manual entry is a waste of time. With Twist, your customer data is automatically synced into CRMs, Hubspot or Salesforce, giving you more time to get back to doing the things you do best!

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Convert Prospects

Hubspot and Salesforce give you full context of all interactions on a lead, to better understand your prospects and speak more effectively to them, helping you turn non-members into members.

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“Of all the technology we’ve added at our health club, HubSpot for sales is my favorite tool. I am able to prospect more efficiently and close more sales in less time.”

-Kelly, Membership Rep

Keep Customer Information in Sync

With two-way sync, Twist keeps your information aligned. No matter where a change is made, your data always matches. No manual entry required.

Two-Way Sync

Twist avoids data discrepancies and manual entry to ensure your customer data always matches between your sales and club management software. All of your data stay up to date and consistent, no matter where the change is made.

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Keeping members delighted with your club is easier than ever before. By integrating your club management & CRM, you’ll understand members more clearly, keep better track of their needs, and make sure they’re taken care of.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM systems allow you to manage your prospects & customers to better understand them. By organizing customers into groups with common interests or similar interactions, you can communicate better with prospects and members, & cater to their unique needs.

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Made Easy

Our team helps you every step of the way. We do all the heavy lifting & make sure your data ends up where it belongs. Your dedicated Twist integration specialist will ensure all your customer information gets integrated to Hubspot or Salesforce quickly and easily.

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