How to Pick the Best CRM Option for Your Gym

The fitness industry has several options for customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM systems keep track of all digital activity between your club and its members or prospective members. All interaction—web page views, text messages, email correspondence, social media, even phone calls—are documented and logged on the customer record for various club departments to access and review.

This data allows you to create informed decisions about your prospecting process and marketing campaigns, resulting in increased revenue and department performance.

What is the best CRM for Gym, Studios and Health Clubs?

Picking a CRM for your gym is not an easy task! We reviewed a few of the most common industry and out of industry options to make your decision easier.

Club OS

Club OS is a light CRM platform that is specific to the fitness industry.

Key features include:

  • Integrated SMS (text messaging)
  • Email marketing
  • Integration with club management software (Mindbody, etc.)
  • Reward program integration


  • No Salesforce or HubSpot integration
  • A light application with minimal customization for your clubs specific needs

Gym Sales

Gym Sales is a fitness-specific industry platform that provides light CRM options for small studios & clubs.

Key features:

  • History of interactions
  • Integrated SMS (text messaging)
  • Phone-call prompts
  • Reporting


  • Lack of marketing tools

Twist CRM Integration

twist integrations provides a robust connection between your fitness club’s member management software and CRM system.

The twist difference:

  • Smooth integration with HubSpot or Salesforce: choose whichever option works best for you & your data.
  • Say goodbye to manual entry: twist hosts a bi-directional sync between your CRM and club management software, allowing you to make a change in either platform and have your data match across the board.
  • Time is money: our average sync time for bi-directional and one-way sync is under one minute.
  • Dedicated support team: your personal twist integration specialist will help you every step of the way during onboarding with fitness industry-specific sales & marketing coaching and strategy ongoing.

Still not sure which CRM is best for your club’s needs?

Contact us and we’ll help steer you in the right direction.