Case Study – Gym CRM Implementation

It’s hard to understand the power of a CRM system without seeing it in action.

Enter this case study! We focused on the majority of our implementation work with this particular client over the course of 6 months to strategize, implement, and optimize the use of HubSpot CRM for their large health club. Our biggest focuses included user managementdata organization, and a renewed alignment between marketing and sales efforts. 

Metrics Impacted by CRM & Data Integration Implementation

Digital Membership Lead Conversion

Prior to CRM coaching and implementation, our client viewed web leads as a non-priority. The team devalued these leads as less likely to turn into memberships than walk-in traffic. We worked with them to shift their mentality and showed them that web leads are prospects who are most interested in immediate purchase. Statistics show that, prior to submitting an inquiry on your website, prospects have already completed 60% of their buying process.

This new mindset motivated the team to pick up and respond to web leads in a timely fashion, improving their web lead conversion rate from 17% to 40%.

Speed of Lead Pick Up

Research shows that digital inquiries responded to within one hour of submission are 7x more likely to have productive conversations with the prospect, more often resulting in a purchase.

When we began working with our client, their digital lead response time averaged 80% over 24 hours (or never contacted), 19% within 2 – 24 hours, and less than 1% responses within 1 hour

After educating the team on the importance of quicker response times and starting to track their behavior, they soon increased their average to 43% within 1 hour of submission.

Quicker responses = more purchases!

Alignment of Sales & Marketing with Campaigns

By utilizing HubSpot campaign tools as well as digital marketing functionality such as email, they have seen better alignment between sales and marketing teams to directly impact revenue and hit lead goals.

Email Compliance & Auditing

Pre-CRM implementation, the gym was not in compliance with CAN-SPAM email regulations and was emailing people post the 10-day opt-out for email. With CRM implementation we were able to create lists to maintain correct records in each list based on email activity (or inactivity). We automated the opt-out process with CRM and improved email list health.

CRM – Main Benefits & Implementation

List Management

We created dynamic lists based on club membership type that maintained up-to-date lists for non-members and members for each club location. These lists allow the club to send targeted information to each respective group with one easy click.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital mediums for gyms. When coupled with dynamic lists, email can be a very powerful tool. Both HubSpot & Salesforce’s marketing platforms provide detailed email analytics to help you make educated and improved actions after each email send.

Resources: Email laws and regulations

Contact Management & Custom Club Management Custom Fields

With a bi-directional sync integration to your club management software, you can keep track of all offline and online interactions with your members and non-members in a single location. By implementing this sync with our client, they were able to better understand their prospects and current membership base in order to better serve them.

Company & Corporate Contact Management

Most gyms offer corporate discounts or have specific targeting towards employees who have a gym membership subsidy. A CRM system can house all of your company interactions as well as prospects or do specific campaigns targeted to non-members who may benefit from club membership.

Prospecting & Membership Management

Almost all of the club management softwares do not have an adequate prospecting system for robust sales teams. Enterprise-level CRMs have built-in detailed tracking and automation to cut massive amounts of time from your team to close more sales in less time.

Lead Nurturing & Automation

CRM systems pay for themselves in lead nurturing and automation for repeatable tasks and emails. By creating automated workflows you will streamline your team’s actions, make more efficient use of your time, and ultimately save money for your organization.

We worked with our client to identify opportunities where an automated email or task for a sales representative would improve the sales and marketing experience, such as non-member nurturing campaigns & new member onboarding.

Lead Attribution

With the rise of marketing and lead generation, CEO/COO/VP’s of health clubs for marketing & sales are looking for lead attribution to see if marketing and promotional allocations are creating traction. Lead sources could include social media ads, organic website leads, direct traffic, etc.


Reports and dashboards are important to track metrics, predict closing revenue as well as manage initiatives and campaigns. Each dashboard or report can be customized based on your club’s goals or relevant data.

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