HubSpot CRM + SMS: Text Message Options for Gyms

Text Messaging for Gyms & Health Clubs

A text message or SMS (short message service) is a highly engaging tool that membership teams can utilize for prospecting outreach. By integrating text messages into your CRM system, you can:

  • see how many texts are being sent
  • identify which membership reps are sending texts
  • automate text messages in your sales sequence
  • track engagement rates on your contact records with members and non-members

Sales MSG, SMS Zap, and Inbound SMS Addons are the text message services twist recommends. An important feature of each of these platforms is that they are all compliant with text messaging laws. Many health clubs allow their reps to personally text off of their cell phones without consent from the non-member, which is technically illegal. Stay compliant by adding in these seamless integrations for your gyms & health clubs into your HubSpot CRM system.

Sales MSG

Seamlessly integrated for reps to use right inside HubSpot CRM, Sales MSG is loaded with tons of features like automated texting, scheduled texts, round robin texts, and more. It is currently used by Gold’s Gym as well as CrossFit. This is our top recommendation for text message integration for gyms. Get started with a 14-day trial!

SMS Zap or Inbound SMS Addons

Our secondary recommendation for gyms and text message integration is SMS Zap or Inbound SMS Addons. Both carry a lighter list of features & functionality but also carry a less expensive price tag to help you get started and find what works best for your club.

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* Note – all the above recommendations are non-endorsed. We only recommend the best tools for gyms & health clubs and do not create partnerships with integrators. * 

Article by: Lindsey, Director of HubSpot Training & Strategy at Twist