Club Management + CRM Integration

Fitness Club Management Software + Enterprise-Level CRM Systems

With twist integration, Club Management and CRM integration is simple! Your data between your club management software and your CRM system—Salesforce or HubSpot—will continuously sync data between both systems, eliminating additional administrative time and manual data entry.

Club Management

The primary role of a club management software is to process your monthly billing, facilitate check-in, complete point of sale transactions and manage your membership statuses and billing.

CRM – HubSpot or Salesforce

The primary role of your CRM system, Salesforce or HubSpot, is to create a robust sales process. Your membership team will primarily be working out of the CRM to prospect leads and onboard new members. Your support staff will also be working out of HubSpot or Salesforce to process tickets and requests.

Bi-Directional & One-Way Data Sync

twist is specifically configured for the club environment to sync the data you want and keep your source of record for billing & membership status intact from your club management software. twist has a speed of sync from club management software to Salesforce or HubSpot of under 1 minute.

Bi-directional data sync between your CRM & club management software:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Owner

One-way data sync keeps the system of record for club status & billing records correct:

  • Club Status
  • Membership Type
  • Date of Birth
  • Check-In History
  • Billing Address

Twist – Partnering with You!

Making Technology Simple

Technology can be confusing. From error handling to continual sync between your data systems, twist makes it simple to use, track, and implement an enterprise-level CRM system to your club software & tech stack. Our training and coaching team has worked with all levels of tech-savviness. We take the time to explain and coach. Our goal is to see your organization grow and thrive.

Customer Relationships

Your relationship with your customers is only as good as the technology and communication platforms you use to interact with them.

Easy & Simple Integrations

The typical setup time for an enterprise-level CRM system to a club management system is typically about 6 months+. Most companies struggle with setup, training and account configuration. Let us shave months off your setup time. Check out our process, which helps you get up and running faster!

Our Technology Emphasis

Security & Safety

We use SSL (HTTPS) everywhere—no exceptions! Your data and your customers’ data is important to us. We employ timestamping and logging of your data as well as have chosen hosting on high-security platforms to maintain data integrity.

Bi-Directional CRM + Club Management Contact Sync

Add it here or add it there. Either entry will sync into your CRM or into your in-club software, saving your team time on data entry on incoming leads.


twist is built with the fastest response times to continually sync your data. Our programming model is structured to allow multiple actions to happen at the same time, thus providing the fastest response times. For bi-directional and one-way data sync, our average sync time is under 1 minute.

Clear & Detailed Error Handling

twist has built graceful error handling—removing for data entry errors as they occur. When a bug is found, detailed and clear paths are sent in an email to fix the error. Once resolved, the system gracefully retries the contact for reprocessing.

Out-of-the-box CRM Functionality

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