CRM Custom Field Setup

Why setup & configuration of your custom fields in your CRM is one of the most important steps when adding a CRM to your tech stack.

When starting a custom integration project, most are not aware that a cloud database developer is one of your most important hires or consultants you can have on your team.

At Twist, we have Omar! Omar is an experienced cloud database developer with vast knowledge of AWS (Amazon Web Services) as well as database design & setup. He is in charge of managing our integrations with cloud-based club management software and CRM platforms, HubSpot & Salesforce.

An important part of integration is database setup as well as structured naming within your CRM portal. It is important to be thoughtful about your naming conventions.

When creating custom objects or fields where data is held, it can be tempting to give them “lazy” names. For example, if you have various address fields you could name them, “AddressField1, AddressField2, AddressField3 & AddressField4” instead of “Street, City, State & Postal Code.” By giving objects and fields descriptive, unique names it will decrease confusion from within your organization. Besides the field name, you can also add descriptions for your custom objects and fields that aid as help text to give more details to users. It is also important to determine your required fields for new record creation. By making important fields required for entry, it avoids incomplete data records.

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