Supercharge your Sales Efficiency with HubSpot Sequences & Workflows

What HubSpot tools are in your sales team’s arsenal?

Are you currently using tasks as your main way to track your sales reps’ follow up? How many overdue tasks do you have in your account? (A lot, I know!)

Are you using HubSpot templates to follow up with your prospects? If so, you are creating hundreds of tasks per day for most of your sales reps. This requires you to go into each record and compose an email or select a template for each. What a drag!

Alas, all is not lost!

HubSpot Sequences & Workflow Strategy for Gyms

Tasks and templates are a great starting point for introducing sequences and workflows to your follow up process. We’ll talk more about why later on.

What are HubSpot sequences?

Sequences are a set of emails that a contact receives when a sales rep manually enrolls them into the activity timeline. 

What are HubSpot workflows? 

Workflows are a series of automated actions—including tasks, automated emails, deals, and more—that is triggered when a contact meets a certain criteria.

What’s the difference?

Sequences are email-based actions that a sales rep manually enrolls a prospect into; workflows are generated automatically based on enrollment criteria and incorporate other marketing and sales activities beyond email. 

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Getting Started

First, think about the end result. What are your goals? What final action do you want your contacts to take during the sales process? 

Then, make a strategy. What sales items can be completely automated? What should be manually triggered by a sales rep? How will you measure success? 

Some effective ideas for health clubs to help you get started:

  • No show / missed tour or meeting sequence (“Sorry I missed you! When can we reschedule?”)
  • Incoming lead sequence from a digital source 
  • Unengaged prospect sequence / long-term nurturing (“Still interested? Download this free e-book.”)
  • Up & cross-sell sequences to categorize each of your offers (swim lessons, personal training, etc.)
  • New customers’ onboarding sequences
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) sequence for high & low 
  • Product usage sequence (“You’ve checked in five times this week! Awesome job.”)

Each of these sequences is based on a measurable action that will help you quantify your customers’ success and the key metrics for your business. Tune into your customers’ check-in frequency, point-of-sale purchases, peripheral services, and engagement to keep them active and interested in what you are offering. 

Remember those tasks and templates? It’s time to put them to use. 

Tasks: analyze your team’s task reports to see if there are any redundancies or irrelevant follow-up tasks. 

Templates: create a dashboard to analyze your top-performing templates and see which emails have the highest open and replay rates. You can use this data to inform which emails you want to automate and which should come directly from a sales rep. 

Setting up your first sequence and workflow

HubSpot offers free online learning courses that will tell you everything you need to know about setting up your first workflow and accelerating your outreach with sequences.

A few additional tips from the twist team:

Speed up your cadence.

Email is a fast-moving game! Set up your sequence with quicker follow-up emails than you would normally think.

Activate email threading.

This is a tool in HubSpot sequences that allows you to combine your sequence emails into a single conversation so your prospect can see all interaction in one place. 

Why is it important? If you are emailing subsequent emails, you want to give your contact context on why you are following up. By activating threading, your contact will be able to read all of your email exchanges within one thread instead of separate email chains.

Your reps are now ONLY responding to those who respond to a reply (+ create an auto follow up task on response). If a contact books a meeting through sequences, they get removed from the automated sequence. 

Learn more about workflows and email drip campaigns.

Companies that utilize sequences and workflows have 10x more efficient sales teams! Start implementing these tools to cut your workforce and make more intentional impact with your customers today.