Why Your Gym Needs a CRM: Sales, Marketing, and AI Features

Why does my gym need a CRM?

A customer relationship management platform allows you to connect with your customers throughout their entire journey—from prospective buyer to paying member, brand cheerleader, and beyond. It also allows for all touchpoints to be located in a single location or contact record.

Both sales and marketing teams can benefit from the implementation of a CRM. We narrowed down the top sales and marketing features of most generic CRMs to help you realize why you can’t live without one!

What tools do you currently use to prospect leads? 

Without a CRM, chances are you are relying on archaic spreadsheets, manual entry, disorganized contact records, and miscommunication among your team. These problems can be easily solved with CRM.

Top membership features:

How are you tracking your marketing activity?

A CRM can help you organize campaigns, monitor activity, and streamline your marketing efforts in one place.

Top marketing features:

  • email marketing
  • campaign tracking
  • automated workflows with marketing content
  • social media
  • landing page creation
  • blog creation

One of the most important features of a CRM is that it integrates with your CMS (Club Management System). Contact records from your CMS will sync to your CRM for increased sales and marketing opportunities.

Curious about CRM for your health club?

There are a lot of options out there including gym-specific CRMs and generic CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce. Get started with HubSpot for free!