VP of Sales for Gym or Health Club – Top CRM Requests

Here are the top 5 greatest pain points for VP of Sales & Sales Directors at Gyms & Health Clubs that are solved by a CRM System

1. Lead Management

From handling incoming leads from various sources to managing prospecting activity and finally closing, a CRM system allows for tracking at all stages. Implementing a CRM system allows for easy handoff of incoming leads from campaigns, offers, and events.

2. Opportunity for Tracking Post Close to the Second Sale

Sales and marketing are typically the lifeblood of a club. For some clubs, marketing provides lead through digital ads and other mediums for the sales team to prospect and close. Other clubs rely on cold prospecting. No close = no personal training revenue, no summer camp or any other peripheral services or opportunities to create a second sale. VP’s/CEO’s/COO’s know that sales are one of the main contributors to success that feeds into other revenue metrics within the club. By maintaining strong sales numbers and supporting the sales post-close, it allows for the “second sale.” A great resource article from sales trainer, Grant Cardone as well as resources for a quick calculation to see how much you are leaving on the table in regards to a “second sale.”

3. Goal Tracking & Closing Predictions

Most CRM systems have various AI functionalities pre-built in. For example, HubSpot has a “likelihood to close” value for each lead that comes pre-built into the CRM system. This can help you segment (see below) as well as manage pipeline so you can predict your sales for the end of the month or end of the quarter. A CRM system can also improve the visibility of team activity so you predict your close rates.

For example:

If I know I send 100 emails and make 50 phone calls, that results in 10 in-person meetings. My close rate is 30% from in-person meetings, thus I can predict to close about 3 sales. Dashboards & reporting (see #5 below) allow for easy visuals for tracking & predicting.

4. Lead Segmentation

Not all leads are created the same. Many clubs throw all leads into one bucket but it is best practice to do lead segmentation and provide the sales team with the best leads that are likely to close within your prospecting window. A resource on lead segmentation from HubSpot is the concept of MQL “marketing qualified lead” & SQL “sales qualified lead.” A great place to start is the basic segmentation into these two groups.

5. Reporting

Almost every C-suite executive will say one of their top priorities is visibility & reporting. While that is not the only determining factor, it is key to watch specific trending metrics.

Article by: Lindsey Leemis, CEO & Founder at Twist