Our Process

Review Current Setup & Systems

We spend time getting to know your organization:

  • review what is working & what isn’t
  • review pain points to solve
  • establish goals

Current Data Review

We support you in a review of your data from your current club management software. We provide suggestions for data cleanup and collect baseline measurements.

Determine CRM Provider & Kick-Off Onboarding

HubSpot and Salesforce are similar but very different platforms. We will help you determine which one is the best fit for your health club and coordinate setup of your account with that provider.

Data Structuring

If you have decided to work with the twist team for ongoing coaching, training, account configuration & strategy, we will help you create data models & data organization based on your current process. We will also support you in training on how to add custom fields to your Salesforce or HubSpot account.

Setup of Team in CRM & Configure Permissions

Salesforce & HubSpot have detailed permission structures within both systems. We will help you determine setup for your sales and marketing team into the system. These are typically the two departments that start using the CRM.

Sales & Marketing Process Strategy

We work with your sales team to determine a sales process strategy that will provide optimal process as well as close more sales—and close them faster. We also help bring marketing alignment to sales and marketing teams to achieve optimal results of campaign and marketing efforts to non-members. If you are interested in the coaching, training, account configuration & strategy package, contact us!

CRM Account Configuration

With our coaching, training, account configuration & strategy packages, we will help you configure your account instance within Salesforce & HubSpot.


We support you through the launch with email support & transition to your Salesforce or HubSpot ticketing support.

Blog & Tip Articles

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