Is your gym email marketing compliant with CAN-SPAM?

Are you about to get zapped for non-compliance? I hope not ? but this guide will give you a good overview to see if you are abiding by current regulations.

What is CAN-SPAM?

The simple overview of the CAN-SPAM Act is a set of regulations that give email recipients the right to opt-out of businesses who are emailing them.

Fees for non-compliance or negligence to not provide an opt-out

Penalties for non-compliance are quite costly, upwards of up to $42,530 per send! Woohoo cha-ching! ?

Email Regulations Overview

The main overview of maintaining compliance for gyms who are doing email marketing is:

  1. Having an audit log of those who have opted out of email communication.
  2. List maintenance. Under the regulation, you are supposed to honor the unsubscribe within 10 business days. But it should be immediate & automated by a CRM or list management system.
  3. Providing an opt-out & communication subscription options on each email.
  4. Including your address on each email sent.

Gym – Email Marketing Compliance

For gyms who are doing email marketing to various segments (lists), it is important for them to maintain correct lists & audit logs, especially for non-member emails to avoid fines & penalties. Data maintenance & health is vitally important in the realm of digital marketing!

Additional resources:

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a legal guide to CAN-SPAM or give any advice on compliance and Twist Integrations takes no liability. Please discuss any decision you make with an attorney that specializes in email compliance. 

Article by: Lindsey Leemis, CEO & Founder of Twist