How much is the newly released native bulk SMS add-on in HubSpot CRM?

How much is the new native SMS in HubSpot CRM?

The Marketing SMS Add-On is $75/per month. This includes 1,000 SMS messages.

Marketing SMS Limit Increase is +$15/per month for an additional +1,000 SMS messages.

For example, if you were sending 10,000 Marketing SMS messages per month, you would pay $210/per month. This would be added to your monthly or quarterly HubSpot bill. Unused messages do not roll over.

Note – This writing is from Fall 2023. Please review the HubSpot pricing page for the most up-to-date information.

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What subscription is needed for HubSpot SMS?

Marketing Pro or Enterprise. A key note here is this is for Marketing (bulk SMS), more below.

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What is the difference between Bulk vs. 1:1 SMS?

Bulk Mass marketing messages to a specified group or list.

1:1 – 1:1 is more conversational and personalized. This sometimes kicks off from a bulk message sent out.

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Who is the provider for HubSpot Marketing SMS?

Interestingly, Twilio is the provider that is the underlying white-label service for the native SMS functionality. Twilio counts each character with a limit of 153 characters per message. If over the 153, it will send as 2 messages, and utilize 2 messages or tokens. You can view usage under HubSpot settings at any time.

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Hubspot SMS Add On
Hubspot SMS Add On Location

Where is the built-in SMS functionality in HubSpot located?

Marketing > SMS

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App Marketplace Provider or HubSpot Native SMS?

TLDR, it depends on your volume & your strategy around bulk vs. 1:1.

If you are doing low levels of bulk marketing SMS, the ease of use of the native integration without the load of the app provider may be worth it. If you are higher volume or focusing on 1:1 SMS conversations, an app provider would be more cost-effective and provide a better experience to the end user. Check out the most popular/ most installed SMS providers, in the app marketplace, such as Salesmsg SMS, Sakari SMS and more!

Survey all of your options for bulk & 1:1 SMS based on your usage.

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