General Overview for Setup – Salesforce & HubSpot

CRM Portal Setup

When you first get a portal or account setup for either HubSpot or Salesforce, upon login it looks rather…bare ? (see the shocking results below!)

Tada! (…WTH do I do with this?)


Even though it looks pretty empty, not to worry, it is part of the process. There is a lot hidden behind the scenes that just needs to be configured before your team can jump in!

10 Steps to CRM Setup

The general overview of steps for setup & integration include:

  1. Data evaluation & clean up (everyone has a junk drawer, right? ?)
  2. Determine CRM provider
  3. Preparing a staging portal for testing & add custom fields
  4. Data integration (twist integrations has a connector with cloud-based Club Management Softwares)
  5. Initial import of data
  6. Basic setup for email marketing (Salesforce Pardot or HubSpot Marketing)
  7. Form integration
  8. Setup basic workflows (HubSpot) or flows (Salesforce)
  9. Basic training & roles and permissions for team
  10. Launch! 🙂

By hiring a company to build, maintain your integrations & help get you off the ground, you can start off with a solid foundation. It also minimizes your IT or marketing staff from maintaining internal hardware, upkeeping systems, freeing you up to do what you do best!

Article by: Lindsey Leemis, CEO & Founder of Twist