HubSpot Pricing for Gyms & Health Clubs

How much is HubSpot?

I get this question a lot. In an effort to be more customer-centric, HubSpot has simplified its pricing structure a bit… but, as of this writing, it is still fairly complicated. The goal of this article is to give you a HubSpot pricing overview that is simple and easy to understand.

HubSpot – Pricing Structure

HubSpot splits its pricing into various “hubs” or parts. The best visual I have found is with HubSpot’s old “Growth stack” images (vs. the current flywheel model).

The Growth stack consists of 3 parts:

CRM, Sales & Marketing

The red CRM base is free! The base CRM includes contact management, website activity, and tasks. We typically advise clients to get their CRM portal set up and configured since it is free, until you are in need of the more powerful tools below.

Base CRM = Free!

Learn more about CRM pricing on the HubSpot website.

. . .

The next orange-colored layer add-on is Sales. Sales has a light set of tools that are also free. The free layer includes email tracking, email scheduling, and meeting scheduling. As you move up to the starter or professional packages, you pay a base amount plus a fee per “seat” or by each additional user.

Say you want to upgrade because you want to start using integrated calling functionality for your membership reps. You would pay:

$50 base per month (which includes one “pro seat” in HubSpot lingo) + $120/per month for each additional seat*

If you have 5 membership reps: $50 + $600 = $650

* according to HubSpot’s pricing on their website 

. . .

The top integrated layer is Marketing which is where the bulk of the pricing adds up. Your total database count comes into play here. There may be additional fees if you want to use the more advanced features in the platform.

How many contacts do you have total in your club management software (including non-members and members)?

Say you had 10,000 in total and you are a larger health club looking for more advanced functionality in the “Pro” features tier. You would be billed:

Advanced marketing functionality with 10k contacts: $1,250/monthly

Typically, the bulk of the costs falls into the Marketing tier of the HubSpot platform. Learn more about pricing on the HubSpot website. 

. . .

From our example of a health club with 5 membership reps & 10,000 contacts with advanced marketing & sales functionality, you would be looking at around 2k per month.

CRM = Free!

Sales/Membership (5 membership reps) = $650

Marketing = $1,250

= $1,900/per month

. . .

* I have left out the additional add-ons of Service and CMS hub to simplify the core of the HubSpot product. Read more on service & CMS Hubs, here.

With our relationships with HubSpot & Salesforce, we can typically get our clients significant discounts off website pricing. Feel free to contact us directly with questions or are looking into HubSpot or Salesforce as a CRM option for your gym.

Article by: Lindsey Leemis, CEO & Founder of Twist