Top 5 Common Mistakes – All Solved by a CRM System

Gym & Fitness Club Process Issues solved with a CRM system: 

  1. Reliance on excel spreadsheets to track & handle leads. This could include a shared local document or internal file share system.
  2. Time-intensive, repetitive manual steps & data entry. Time = $$$! 
  3. Heavy reliance on email collaboration between sales team & other departments vs. a single shared CRM record with all communication on a member or a non-member in one place. 
  4. No dedicated customer support, service or ticketing system to address member concerns. Without a ticketing system, it creates email silos and departmental misalignment.
  5. Disparate, non-syncing systems (data in a silo that doesn’t exchange data or interacting with other systems). A CRM system creates a centralized data location for accurate reporting. 

Article by: Lindsey Leemis, CEO & Founder of Twist